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Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group for Artemide, Alphabet of Light is a sophisticated and minimal collection of luminaires consisting of a series of standalone fixtures along with a complete modular lighting system.


Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG

BIG is a large group of architects, designers and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development with offices in Copenhagen, New York and London. BIG has a reputation for completing buildings and urban projects that are technically innovative, while remaining cost and resource conscious.

“BIG has grown organically over the last two decades from a founder, to a family, to a force of 700. Our latest transformation is the BIG LEAP: Bjarke Ingels Group of landscape, engineering, architecture, planning and products. A plethora of in-house perspectives allows us to see what none of us would be able to see on our own. The sum of our individual talents becomes our collective creative genius. A small step for each of us becomes a BIG LEAP for all of us.” – Bjarke Ingels Founder & Creative Director

“With Alphabet of Light we have designed a modular system of straight and bended components of light that enables you to write letters, be a straight line or a curve.” – BIG


Key Design Features

Alphabet of Light utilises innovative patent-pending technology to achieve uniform tubes of illumination. The unique LED mixing chamber, combined with electromechanical joints, ensure that connections are illuminated evenly, guaranteeing continuous lines of light with no dark spots.


Alphabet of Light

The Alphabet of Light alphanumerical collection features illuminated characters, including all of the letters of the alphabet in both lower and uppercase formats as well as numerical values from zero to nine. Designed to offer users the ability to create illuminated signage, letters and numbers can be combined to create dynamic signage for businesses and companies across multiple sectors.


Alphabet of Light Standalone

The Alphabet of Light Standalone collection consists of suspended and surface mounted fixtures in circular, linear, square and rectangular configurations available in a range of standardised sizes and diameters. All fixtures feature a 50mm diameter tube and are available with a surface mounted power box.


Alphabet of Light Standalone fixtures are 3000K and rated IP20, making them suitable for various interior installations across residential, commercial, hospitality and retail applications.


Alphabet of Light System

The Alphabet of Light System utilises curved and linear modules available in a range of lengths and radii to create customised lighting systems to suit any interior space. These modules can be mixed and matched to form custom shapes and configurations. Modules can be suspended or surface mounted depending on the required application.

System Modules


System X, T and 90º Joints

System modules can be joined together using a selection of T, X and 90º joints. By facilitating constant voltage feeding, energetic distribution in multiple directions and the unique LED mixing chamber, Alphabet of Light System electromechanic joints ensure continuous and seamless shapes of light.


System Joiners

The extensive range of over twenty four system joiners offers the freedom to create a multitude of shapes and forms on both horizontal and vertical plans.


The Alphabet of Light System provides freedom and flexibility in design, allowing the user to explore and create infinite configurations and possibilities.



Earlier this year Artemide obtained EPD certification for the Alphabet of Light product range. This certification represents Artemide’s continued commitment to sustainability and their recognition of a product’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. An EPD is a verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle and environmental impact of a product.


Klus | Custom Lighting Solutions


Discover the freedom to create tailored lighting solutions with Klus.

Based in Poland, Klus designs and manufactures lighting systems and solutions in-house, utilising aluminium profiles combined with the latest LED technologies.


As a company, Klus is focused on creating conscious designs centred around function and quality. What distinguishes Klus from other lighting manufacturers, is their offering of flexibility, modularity and customisation across their product range. In addition to offering a wide-range of versatile aluminium profiles, Klus has the ability to manufacture completely customised solutions in terms of size, scale, configuration and shape, giving architects and designers the freedom to design lighting solutions tailored to their requirements.


Profile Bending

Profile bending is one of the processes used to manufacture custom Klus products. A selection of Klus profiles can be bent and twisted in-house by Klus to achieve completely customised curved shapes and designs. Klus’s ability to manipulate profiles in this way allows the user to explore and create infinite configurations and possibilities.


GLAZA & GIZA Profiles

GLAZA-LL, GIZA-LL and GIZA-DUO-LL profiles by Klus all have the ability to be bent to create custom-shaped luminaires. These profiles can also be fitted with LED strips available in a range of wattages, outputs, colour temperatures and IP ratings to meet the specifications required for a multitude of applications.



Klus profiles are compatible with a vast amount of accessories including a range of diffusers, connectors, suspensions and mounting brackets. This allows the profiles to be easily adapted to suit any type of installation or application required.


By offering customisation options across their extensive selection of versatile and functional profiles, Klus provides users with the freedom and flexibility to design a multitude of tailored lighting solutions.

Inlite partners with Artemide Lighting in Australia


With new ownership and a renewed focus on providing sustainable and innovative lighting solutions to the Australian architectural, design and engineering community, Inlite is thrilled and honoured to announce its new partnership with Italian lighting giant, Artemide.


Founded in the 1960s, Artemide is one of the most recognised lighting brands globally. Their iconic lamps are celebrated in exhibits and museums around the world as modern design masterpieces.


Known for their ‘The Human Light’ philosophy, Artemide products are designed not only to illuminate spaces but to enhance people’s experiences and well-being. Their lighting solutions are the result of rigorous research, collaboration with leading architects and designers, and a deep understanding of sociocultural needs. Artemide values technological innovation and the positive change it can promote, patenting their discoveries and investing in a large R&D team with experts in mechanical and opto-electrical solutions.


Since its founding, Artemide has always had strong ties to the architectural and design world, collaborating with leading architects and designers including Michele De Lucchi, Herzog & De Meuron, Issey Miyake and the Bjarke Ingels Group, to create innovative and cutting-edge lighting solutions.


From the beginning, Artemide has been committed to making products that last over time and are made with low environmental impact materials, finishes and processes. Artemide has adopted a 360º approach to sustainability which goes beyond an environmental aspect, to incorporate a humanistic and ethical approach – ‘The Human & Responsible Light’.


With a shared passion for innovation and commitment to sustainability, Artemide is the perfect partner for Inlite as it embarks on a new chapter. Inlite is beyond excited and proud to offer Artemide’s extensive range of design, architectural and outdoor lighting to the Australian A&D and engineering community. Exciting times ahead!

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